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Marshes ‘Jeanius’ event a huge success

Louth’s own fashionista and Marshes Shopping Centre’s Personal Stylist, Caroline McElroy, took up the reigns of Jeanius once again on Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd June. Marshes hosted the futuristic styling event whereby brave shoppers get body scanned in a revolutionary 3D scanner, producing a printed document, confirming exact body measurements. Marshes Dr Denim, Caroline […]

10 daily habits worth keeping!

“The secret to weight loss is…”, “The best way to detox your body begins with…”, “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days”, I’m sure we’ve all heard these so called promises and many more just like them. In the modern world that we live in, information and advice is being thrown at us 24 hours a […]

True or False – common health myths exposed!

They say embarking on a new habit or way of life requires willpower and a strong positive mental attitude. What if it’s our mental attitude that’s the problem though? Perhaps our subconscious is sabotaging our will to feel good, unbeknown to our conscious mind? Perhaps it is those beliefs we hold, whether true or false, […]

Vitamin D and the power of sunshine

Most people love to feel the sunshine on their skin. It promotes happy, fun memories. Life feels and looks better when the sun is shining. Unfortunately in Ireland, we don’t see too much sunshine and this can affect our health. We know a tan is not healthy, especially now with skin cancer levels on the […]

A is for avocado – the fruit often ignored!

For some strange reason in Ireland not a lot of us regularly eat nor buy avocados. Perhaps it may be due to the fact that this ‘butter pear’ contains up to 28g fat, which is a lot when some advocate eating just 30-40g of fat per day when on a weight loss plan. Having said […]

Sugar – are you addicted?

With more and more people being diagnosed with diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity it makes you question whether the popular policy of ‘Low-Fat’ dieting is really working? In the opinion of some, myself included, the real problem in our diet is sugar. Hidden under terms such as glucose, sucrose, malt […]

7 ways to clearer skin in 7 days!

A good complexion comes from within. Your skin is literally made up of the food and beverages which you consume each day. Yes, lotions and potions can promise you the world and they do help give you that radiant glow to some effect, but it’s what goes into your mouth, the quality of sleep you […]

Chocolate – the good, the bad and the ugly!

It’s up there as one of the most widely consumed products in the world, possibly a very good contender as a woman’s best friend when diamonds are just too expensive – chocolate. The very mention of the word has most of us craving it and with Easter just past, chocolate is on all our minds, […]

New Safefood research ‘dishes the dirt’ on dishcloths

New research published this week by Safefood – the body responsible for promoting food safety and nutrition – revealed that 27% of household dishcloths contain the raw meat bacteria E. Coli. The research – unveiled as part of a major campaign by safefood to make Northern Ireland consumers aware that everyday kitchen habits can cause […]

Lisa’s Top Ten Healthy Lifestyle Tips

With the springing forward of the clocks all of our minds are on summer and how close it is. To avoid the bikini panic, or to at least attempt a bit of damage limitation in preparation for it, here is my top 10 healthier lifestyle tips. Add these to your lifestyle now, and come Summer […]

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