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Kicking the caffeine habit with herbal tea!

In a country with a climate like Ireland, it’s difficult for most of us to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day. Studies have shown that the best ways to hydrate our bodies is not by downing pint after pint of H2O but by increasing intake of the following: Soups Vegetables Fruits Herbal […]

Reality TV Addicts: Are we in touch with reality?

More recently than ever before, we are becoming more and more obsessed with reality TV. Our TV guides are almost being block filled with them, with a bit of new and a soap or two, just for good measure. My question is simply, why? Why can’t we get enough of watching our favourite ‘celebrities’ making […]

Breakfast – eat your way to a great day!

Newry Times reader: “I struggle to know what to eat every day for breakfast to really set me up for the day? What foods can I eat to aid weight loss and improve energy, I’m not a big fan of porridge! Perhaps you could do up a 7 day breakfast planner for me?” Anon, Newry […]

Great ideas do grow on trees

It is most commonly suggested to be an idealist’s view, to think that money can in fact grow on trees. And perhaps in reality this is a little hard to fathom, despite the fact that the world’s most commonly used method of trading is through the transferal of these rectangular pieces of paper that ultimately […]

Packed lunches – simple tips to make September a little healthier!

So that’s September well and truly under way.For many of us it marks a new beginning, even many years after we’ve hung up our uniforms for the last time. Whether you’re a parent looking for lunchbox inspiration, a school kid breaking the mould and adopting a healthier attitude or an office worker making September 1st […]

Summer holiday tips worth packing!

It’s bang smack in the middle of our glorious Irish summer and with little sign of Mr Sunshine and too many outings with the raincoat and umbrella, many of us are looking forward to the annual fortnight abroad for some sun, sea and relaxation. We spend days, weeks and plenty of money getting our bodies […]

W – the secret weapon!

When the going gets tough, remember the letter ‘W’, it’s your secret weapon when it comes to simple maintenance or improvement of your current health and weight. When money is tight and you can’t afford hundreds of pounds on a tailored plan or the newest gear for those spinning classes that you’ve signed up for, […]

Calling all thoroughbred fashionistas.. It’s competition time!

Ladies Day at Dundalk Stadium is set for Thursday 12th July and Marshes are once again betting on stylish race goers to pull out all the stops in the hope of winning the grand prize – a €5000 Marshes shopping spree. Registration for entry into Marshes Best Dressed Lady is now open. Register to enter […]

Bringing breakfast back to life!

Breakfast. Breaking the fast. Setting your body and mind up for the day. The meal most of us ignore/eat too late/grab on the go and do not give enough attention to. Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper – probably sounds like Chinese to most of us. Our brains […]

Lisa’s guide to summertime eating

With the long summer evenings many of us are grabbing any opportunity to dust off the BBQ, grab a bottle of wine, invite friends and family around and crank up the barbie. However, just because you’re eating al fresco does not mean you’re eating healthily, food is food, beer is beer, and calories are calories […]

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