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Letters to the Editor, ‘Disappointment over Tesco recruitment process’

Dear Editor,

What are people’s thoughts on the Tesco recruitment process? I myself am incredibly disappointed. The application process itself seems flawed to me as it is basically personal information such as name, address etc, with two references and a short scenario based questionnaire.

At no point does the application offer applicants a chance to write down their employment history in any real detail, or their academic qualifications or even why they would be suited for the role.

To me this seems flawed, because while of course the job itself doesn’t require any formal qualifications, you would like to think in this day and age when jobs are so competitive, things like hard earned qualifications and experience would work in your favor.

My problem is despite 3 different applications with 3 different emails, I got a straight out no each time. I could accept that if it wasn’t for the fact that I know at least 10 other people who got a straight out no as well, what were theses rejections based on?

The process revolves mainly around a questionnaire, which isn’t exactly rocket science and people who took the questionnaire will know that, so why are people being rejected so easily without even an interview?

Is this a fair process or is it simply a case of random rejections to whittle down the numbers? In a time when Newry is crying out for jobs I don’t feel satisfied that we’re all getting a fair crack at these vacancies, I mean I’m grateful for what is no doubt a fantastic store for the local area, and it’s great that 200 people will find work, I’m not disputing that at all.

It’s the fact that the process in my opinion doesn’t focus on the employability of people very well and a lot of people are missing out on a potential job without being properly assessed.

John Ruddy

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2 Comments for “Letters to the Editor, ‘Disappointment over Tesco recruitment process’”

  1. LJ Hanna

    Having spent the time filling out the Tesco application I can’t help but feel that the whole exercise was a monumental waste of time. I know of 20+ people in my circle of family and friends who applied – not one got an interview; even allowing for what are probably vast numbers applying, you would expect to hear of a couple of people getting through, in fact no one I know has heard first hand of anyone who secured an interview. Given that the questions weren’t pitched at Phd level, I wonder what selection criteria they are actually using? Is this a perhaps a chance for people currently working in the Banbridge and Kilkeel stores to relocate? I’d be interested to know how many “real” jobs are on offer.

  2. Kerri

    These newspaper reports are strongly speculative and based on hear say with no real factual content to back up these claims. I am aware of many people who did not receive a no answer. The no answer is automatically sent by a computer because people failed to reach the quota for correct answers, this is not a new measure, retailers such as Next have been carrying this procedure out for years. Those who achieve the quote go onto the next level. I think the frustration is being largely directed at Tesco, when the real disgruntlement lies in continued poor governance of local and regional politicians, who persistently fail to achieve economic regeneration and stability, that would allow for more jobs. The lack of regulation in the recruitment practices of large corporations, such as Tesco, is an issue, which remains unrecognised by politicians. Local politicians are directing the blame to Tesco, when the real blame is with them because they are not doing anything about it.

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