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Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Review

The Department for Communities has appointed Ms Marie Cavanagh to carry out the second independent statutory Review of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment.

The Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015 states that the Department must lay before the Assembly an independent review of the operation of PIP assessments within two years of go-live and a second review within four years. 

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PIP was first introduced in June 2016.



The Department laid the first independent review to the Assembly in June 2018. 

The second independent review should be laid before 20 June 2020.  



The review will provide the Department for Communities with a second independent report:

evaluating the progress made on recommendations arising from the first review.



evaluating awareness and experience of the PIP assessment process for new applications, award reviews and people reporting changes.

evaluate the process to ensure the most appropriate assessment type is selected – paper-based reviews, face to face at the assessment centre or the home.



evaluation of the effectiveness of the arrangements for ensuring accurate reports are produced.

evaluate how effectively further evidence is being used to assist the correct claim decision, exploring the balance between how much and the type of evidence we source and what we ask people to provide.




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108 Comments for “Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Review”

  1. Kamran

    My pip decision is taking long time it has been over six weeks I had no reply I had my face to face assessment on 30th December last year please can you help me to resolve this matter.
    Kamran Hussain

    • Yvonne

      Mine took 8 weeks

    • Ling

      6 weeks, that’s nothing. I’ve an appeal waiting to be heard for two years. At least we get benefits here – in many countries like Pakistan they don’t get them.

    • Phil

      It can take upto 8 or 10 weeks mine took about 9 weeks if I remember rightly

    • Cam

      You need to phone them up and keep doing it till you get your answer. Otherwise you will get a letter in the post telling your their decision. If they so say get an appeal.

    • Islam Slimini

      If you think thats a long time try 3-4 months haha your not even close my Aki bro

    • Diana Hughes

      I’ve had as huge wait, all evidence and paperwork in by November, no medical treatment I attend as all evidence suggested bn one was not needed, so in January I knew the written assesment report was passed to a decision maker, I was then told to do nothing and I’d be contacted in six weeks. I called last week and told sorry but it cc could be anything up to sixteen weeks. It’s disgusting and stressful and now my anxiety is through the roof. It’s nearly march.

    • Just to reassure you that it normally takes about 12 weeks to fully complete your case.

    • Ceecee

      Give 08001214433 or 0800 917 2222 give them your National insurance number. Ask the status of the claim. They should be able to tell you.

  2. Phil Yeomans

    My PIP assessment was pointless the person responsible for the assessment spent little time evaluating my disability which was assessed 27 years ago and was assessed for life and is still the same today.

    • Shirley Cooke

      I had the same. Ended up with appeal over a year later, but still only got standard rate for both. DLA was high rate! Granted 1993. Since then I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and hadn’t long been discharged from hospital after losing lower left lobe of lungs to an early stage cancer.

  3. I was on dla indefinitely now I’m on nothing I feel my life as been turned upside down

    • Susan Shortland-Webb

      Same here

    • Sinead Riley

      Yes I feel you my dad was dla then moved him to pip now on nothing having to go threw appeal but he’s living on nothing they are disgrace what they do to people

    • Victoria

      I Feel PIP is just a way to get People off indefinite DLA some people since switching from dla to pip were even denied to keep thier Motabily terrible system doesnt even offer support for disabled people itz a way of indirect bullying

  4. Kay Elliott

    I suffer with type 2 bipolar and diabetes and the loss of sight in one eye. The assessment did not reflect in the final report.
    I am and was to traumatised to take it to mandatory appeal.
    All evedence was provided. A general look at my mental illness was inadequate as my mental health is far more complex then the summary reflected. I was also told through my last report that only one disabil could be in my assessment, when all of the disabled out comes are interlinked.
    All I can say is mental illness assessments was inadequate.
    I was a mess afterwards and still suffer from anxiety due to the experience and have begin to think again about self harming.

    • George Rodgers

      I know this will be difficult but a friend lost his Pip. He contacted his Mp then he sat down and wrote a letter to the benefits office detailing everything thing that was wrong with him in great detail.

      He also said he felt persecuted for being sick and he felt like a beggar Two weeks later he got his Pip back a hundred pound less but it was better than nothing

  5. I supply a lot of medical evidence from practitioners and I have many auto IMMUNE diseases but my assessors say, just pick one thing. I have terrible anxiety and panicking and no cure for my diseases or disability of the spine but the gruelling assessment is hard to go through every 9 months. I think I should be allowed longer gaps between assessment please

    • I think that the government are so responsible for putting people who suffer from all kinds of sickness, nobody wants to be sick in life but then to be put through this humility embarrassing stressful questions and other **** they ask is a joke, look at it this way?? How much is it costing the government to pay these people who put these questions to people who are sick, it must be millions so just think about that everyone, and the people who do the assessments haven’t got a clue about health related issues,??? None whatsoever, and they change everything you have said to them, it’s all a joke big-time, and someone should stand up to this relentless continuing lying individuals in government who are responsible for putting sick people through this ****,!!!

    • U after be almost useless if u no shot I mean its all based on points its so silly I asked for a review as I had got a lot more iller I went down to 7 stone could hardly walk and they still cept my money the same and it took 6 months before they let me no I was gob smacked it really needs looking at the way they axes people

  6. Andrew

    Yes PIP certainly needs to be looked at as my son suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and got pip in 2017 and got DLA before that, but on 2019 he had to reply again for pip which he was refused, appeal is ongoing, yet he suffer with disorder, but end of the day it’s all about the government getting more interest on the money they have to pay out, its all stressful for everyone involved…

  7. H Stevens

    I have Cancer i applied to PIP in July 2019. I still have not had any payment or help. My children and friends are supporting me. I had worked most of my life and now when i need help im left. Ringing nearly every day promises made even now my file is meant to be sorted by going to Blackpool over 8 weeks ago under special circumstances i still have heard nothing.

    • JK

      Have you got Macmillan involved to work with your oncologist? They should complete the relevant DS1500 form between them and then if you’re eligible payment will be made. I suppose it may depend on whether your cancer considered terminal or whether it’s treatable. A minefield I know but get all the help you can.
      Good luck

    • Try to get the macmillan nurses and your hospital team to get on the case for you. It definately helped my daughter.

    • Mandy

      Contact one of the cancer charities – Mcmillans (spelling sorry) is excellent for their support and guidance claiming PIP with cancer. In fact I believe there is now a special shortcut procedure, so I am surprised it’s taking this long to sort out.

      • Mike


        Is Cancer not regarded as terminal until 5 years passes being cancer free Because unless someone responds to treatment surely they’re regarded as terminal. Crazy isn’t it all.


  8. How does this affect people currently in receipt of PIP? Is it negative or good news? Thank you.

    • Maria Whyte

      I was on DLA both care and mobility indefinitely then they put me over to pip last feb I am still fighting them as they dropped me to bottom rate in both I’m going to tribunal but its between 49&70 weeks to get there is that normal. So it will be 2yrears how can they do that

  9. To someone who’s not very intelligent I. These kinds of matters this kind of information can be very daunting, even to the average person it can be very confusing.
    I’m speaking on behalf of a person who is I. Receipt of pip and when they read or have these kinds of information reF to them they become very insecure on their future payments and the eligibility of their claim for the pip claim.

  10. S Jones

    It’s not going to make any difference doing a review on what type of assessment you have, because the ones that have face 2 face assessments will still be assessed by liers and the assessments are not fit for purpose. You can not assess people’s day to day lifes in an hour with the type of questions they ask and tasks they ask you to perform it’s utter nonsense

  11. ROBERT

    Let’s hope that they know what they are doing and not like my pip assessors that were incompetent and lied and took away my mobility scooter for 2 years before their employer realised, but still not received any type of apology or compensation for the hell they left me and my son in

  12. Janice Bryan

    I don’t see the point in having Medicals for conditions that never improve or deteriate unless the person wants one to get more PIPS. I know many people’s condition that has worsened though who have been warned that a Medical could mean you loose the PIPS you were entitled too. Once you get it you should Keep it unless you have a Medical problem that can actually improve. Lots of wasted money and unneeded stress. Leave us alone unless we want reviewing.

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation…

      I went through the whole process through to the appeal in court and then they called and changed my 0 points to 11 point and backdated it for a year u need to go all the way

  13. I’m on my 2nd attempt to get pip I have progressive illnesses so I suppose u could say there terminal and have quite a list but no I bet I don’t get it this time either because I could move my leg and actually talk don’t think the assessors understand what people have at all

  14. Karl from Birmingham

    To hell with PIP, the Government and those privileged few who decipe upon and play with vulnerable and desperate peoples lives. They eat, drink, keep warm, enjoy all the good fruits of life, while the lowly spend each waking moment struggling just to live another day. I give up, so to hell with PIP, benefits, Goverment, I’d sooner starve, die or steal than beg these basta#ds who live in comfort and excess.

  15. Karl from Birmingham

    Better to do away with assessments and paper filling and endless evidence gathering, and instead have a one of these decision makers come live with me for a week. See, feel, experience at first hand my life. I guarantee, none of these people would cope even 1 day. And this would probably be a quicker, cheaper and more accurate way of fully appreciating the misery and pain MOST lowly poor and/or disabled people struggle through life.

    But we all know these bastar#s would NEVER want to leave the comfort of the office and comfy chair and homes to walk in our shoes.

  16. Verona Samuels

    I had a Stroke about 2 years ago. Left me with problem climbing stairs is a problem. Getting dressed is very difficult. Walking Is quite painful? Also taking medication for high blood pressure And medication so I don’t have another stroke. This is the third year Turn it down. I’ve been to the assessment centre and do you think I’m fit enough to go to work? When a horse has a bad foot, you don’t put him in the rest of the human race Now I’m Waiting for PIP to reply.

  17. MSB

    I had Pip when I had my first knee replacement on 2015, I still was in pain because it wasn’t done properly, had the knee done again in 2019 and my Pip stopped reapplied and refused mobility, it has now affected my back and can’t do anything because always in pain, with knee and back on top I have severe migraine.

  18. After reading the comments on pip I’m extremely worried as I have a face to face appointment on the 24th February I have pulmonary Fibrosis, COPD first diagnosed in 2017 incurable possibly 2.5to3.5 years without a loung transplant not looking forward to the face to face

    • I’ve had 2 my advice to you would be and I no this sounds wrong but if u don’t make out your more poorly than u are u won’t get nothing u av to as good as say u carnt make a cup of tea you carnt wash yourself u struggle to walk u av to av some one make ya meals and giv u your medication if your on any I no it sounds wrong but I was honest with them and lost out you need to get as many points that u can as that’s how they decide who ever deals with u they are writing every answer down then wen they get back to the office some one else looks at your answers and puts points to them and that’s how they decide the high er ya points the more mony you’ll get I hope this helps try not to b to nervous my fist one I said to the woman I feel like telling u to get ya bag and fxxof out of my house it is a bit like being interrogated but the lest woman I had was a lovely girl

      • Mile

        It doesn’t just sound wrong, it is wrong.

        Lying will get any of us before the courts and fines, a criminal record, ordered to pay the money back, and possibly jail time. Plus you’ll be unable to clam in the future.

        Making sure they understand all the things you go through on a bad day.

        If we need to lie that we’re iller than we actually are then we shouldn’t be claiming PIP in the first place buddy.

        Sorry but telling people they should lie is not good buddy.

        By the way I’m not looking to upset you I just wanted to get another opinion sir on the table.

    • Mike

      Hi there.

      I’ve had face to face interviews as I would find it terribly difficult filling out a form because of terrific pain in my had plus they’re so confusing.

      The face to face assessments are so much easier for me. Plus in a fave to face you can make sure the assessor understands everything and writes it all down.

      They can actually see how tough you have it. I wouldn’t recommend making out you’re more than you are though because if they find out you’ll have to pay any money back plus you’ll be charged with theft, making a false statement, fraud act etc. Most of us have good days and bad days so you need to make sure they understand what your bad days are like.

      The other comment on here suggested lying you’re iller than you are. That is so so wrong and you’ll be prosecuted.

  19. A k R

    Assessment should be done by medical staff not civilians do this do that and then decision is made after few weeks I had 2 major heart operations artites slip disc loss of hearing in my left ear at the end they send me a letter saying in an indirect way that I’m a liar can’t walk long distance I loose my breath and feel dizzy I was getting £23,20p a week but after second assessment I lost it all I can’t work anywhere no one will hire me I’m a fork lift truck driver working in the air cargo.. Lifting is impossible for me but same time I see others pretending and act so they get paid in full I worked for 20 years paying tax now I het nothing.

  20. Sue Newbold

    My pip was refused because I can drive a car to work… a specially adapted car,automatic, with a person at either end of the journey to assist me with walking… this was all told to the assessor who just heard ‘ I can drive’ I must say,however, that once I appealed I did then get enhanced

  21. Yes i agree it should be reviewed and alot of changes should be made in favour of the claimants as people who claim pip are already suffering from some form of Physical and mental disabilities or in many cases a combination of both as one impacts the other.
    These people are already vulnerable and suffering every day, they should not be put under more stress and pressure of these dreaded forms,ssesements, and showing evidence, it is traumatising for both claimants and their carers and families.

  22. I’ve been waiting to go back to court about my pip claim, the assessment was ask few questions never stood up or moved about, but when there report came bk saying oh he walks about a miles to the shop most days, lies said shop is across my road as well I’ve PTSD from Armed forces, so I suffered flash bk stress worries panic attacks, so said fit for work nothing wrong, my mental health Dr was so mad they written a letter and wants to come to court to see why a so called assessment person has more potential power than a doctor. There’s some days I can’t leave the house as I start to panic stress myself out as I see flash back of seeing my very close friends die in front of me when IED. Bomb goes off under your vehicle. I’ve been waiting for 1year 5months now to go to court. Its the lies the worrying the stress you have before and after the assessment. As they say your lieing putting an act on to claim pip. I say please have a day in side my head. See what it’s like. If you saw me I look 100% normal but my head hurts with pain panic attacks stress.

  23. Helen Macdonald

    On 22/02/2020 it will be 1 YEAR since phoning to start my new claim process and Nov 26th got a letter stating if face to face was required they’ll be in touch, still nothing! Most days I feel the constant pressure and isolation due to severe money struggles. Feel like giving up tbh….

  24. Hooman

    I am my mother registered carer, she’s victim of torture, suffers with Ptsd and dementia learning difficulty and stage 4 COPD she has had seven operations on her legs and her belly since 2017 this is third review if you belive it or not

  25. Sultana Begum

    Yes I totally agree with some people. Is up to individual and there medical professionals, there medical records and y do we have to go different offices to answer. Who r them bustards keep assing vonrable and illness people..and who r f people r they…

  26. I was on dla for ten years indefinitely then out of the blue thay stopped it i suffer from bad depression panic attacks self harm I lost my son he died tough a heroin overdose he was age 23 I returned to drink it gos on and on im appealing with no luck never ends


    I know of people who get pop and can walk miles and is always out and about shopping and thinks it’s funny because they get all this money. They don’t been know what pip is for. I could try for pip I have a condition that can’t be cured but I have never applied for pip
    They need to sort the scamsters from the real cases.

  28. S Jones

    A friend got his mandatory reconsideration refused today through lies, he had a brain hemorrhage had 3 brain operations and the capita hcp said he had no treatment for this. Plus numerous other lies and the DM still decided to go with what the hcp said. Now he’s got to go through a tribunal, so no money for about a year and a half. Lovely people

  29. Well my daughter who has a brain tumour grade 3 cancer when it changes scored 0 points after meeting with an assessor…it affects her speech, cognitive thinking,memory to name but a few things…2 brain operations in last two years…she has severe social anxiety too….endured chemotherapy,radiotherapy first time..chemo and 2nd brain op last time…she lives with the knowledge it will never go 100% and her lifespan is potentialy shorter than some…her seizures have slowed down…it impacts on her life and mine…its true what they say cancer doesn’t discriminate…how any assessor could sit with someone stumbling with their words, struggling trying to prove they are not incapable due to pride …there is an option to remove it all…the outcome is to be totally paralysed and unable to speak…no guarantee the cancer will not return…is that what the dwp want…as you can tell im disgusted thankfully with an appeal and help from macmillan nurses this was resolved…but why should common sense not have prevailed at the assessment…

  30. No Thanks

    I have kidney failure, a disease that has wiped out half of my family but which was only diagnosed a few years ago due to investigation of another family member.
    I had my face to face Dec 12th and received a letter Dec 18th saying DWP had received the written report.
    I was informed two days ago that it would be at least another 8 weeks before a decision would be made.
    I go to see the surgeon in 4 days. The DWP have made NO effort to contact my Dr or consultant. We are literally living on my overdraft and debit cards because transport to appointments etc is so expensive when you have multiple appointments in different parts of the city every week. I stopped driving because I was ‘blacking out’ and I refuse to put others in danger.
    I have worked since leaving school 32 years ago, I did not ask for this and I have done everything possible to avoid the benefits system.
    I feel like a beggar.

  31. I’m stage 4 emphysemic also brittle bones had 2 wedge fractures last year had to go to tribunal as assessor a liar still only awarded mid rate for both care and mobility at least I get the care element now but I’m not going to get better I should be on high rate it’s disgusting I had to wait 7 mths for a tribunal I wish dwp had my **** lungs back and hips and they get treated as badly as I was shame on u

  32. The government has and continues to wasted multi millions to stop a minute fraction of people who abuse the system. As a result seriously Ill patients are suffering and considering suicide as they’ve been so demoralized, demonized constantly, they just haven’t any fight left. It’s hard enough to fight chronic illnesses without having to fight PIP and the DWP too. Pip needs to revert back to DLA. I’ve had to fight the 2 Pip assessments that I’ve had carried out by the same person who just told lie after lie On both occasions. The first one I took to tribunal and won, the second I won at the Pip mandatory reconsideration stage after ask them to get a copy of the cctv of me entering the build as the assessor lied saying she saw me walk well over the 150 meters into the assessment centre with no problems. I did walk into the center with the help of a rollator and carer. I had to stop numerous times due to fatigue, extreme pain and severe shortness of breath using my inhaler multiple times. One of a questions asked at my first Pip assessment was to tell her in detail how each of my conditions effect me in a 24 period. And for how long. I explained that I have 5 auto immune conditions which have a very large portion of the same symptoms, so I could not say which if one or more were causing the systems and for how long in a day. even all the different consultants wouldn’t even be able to tell her. It’s demoralising and downgrading, also you are treated as if your a piece of **** on their shoe. I dread that envelope tell me I have another assessment. It effects every aspect of my life causing me to seriously consider suicide. I am literally hanging on to life by my finger tips. I’m at the stage now I am just to mentally!and emotionally exhausted due to the constant waiting for that brown encore. My death will be a direct result of this Tory government. That’s what they want anyway, kill off the disabled.does it remind you of Hitler and his crew because it sure does me. people should and breed to be afraid. Humanity has learned nothing!!

  33. Fiona

    I applied for PIP after years of struggling with mental and physical difficulties my assessment in June 2019 went well I thought until I received the response. I was shocked at the assessors blatant lies and unacceptable reference to my mental health as “she looked ok” as if you can tell by looking at someone how they are coping. The assessor was a occupational therapist who is not trained accurately in my opinion to medically assess, this should be nurses, both mental and general trained or paramedics full stop! No other so called therapist are adequately trained to look at someone’s health and give a full and informed professional opinion. People are suffering at the hands of inadequate assessors. I asked to be looked at again and went from nothing to top care and top mobility!! Please DWP stop putting people through this nightmare we are suffering enough without being denied the help that should be available

  34. Ann

    Spending more money on assessments like your doctor’s word isn’t good enough.
    Specialists medications your history all the evidence right there more assessments be that paper or eye to eye all detrimental too someones already suffering health.
    The impact off these forms with they’re supporting evidence reviews making IT companies millions from inadequate repetitive soul destroying forms when you are disabled and would love nothing better than too be fit and able too work.
    Never mind type or hold a pen or even process a sentance be that visual or verbal.
    I Daniel Blake springs too mind.

  35. Medical professionals related to conditions suffered ought to complete assessments ,all assessments should be carried out within the claimants own environment by a related medical professional, all g.p. and consultant evidence must be considered first and foremost in any evaluation, all incurable or worsening related health conditions should not be eligible for further evaluation for a minimum of 10yrs and even then it should be a stresless consultation with their own g.p. who could then file a condition review report to the dwp. I realise it’s a matter for this government to ” balance the books” and “reduce the numbers” and this must be done in a fair and honest manner by those who understand and know best and not by some private contractors who cannot begin to understand and have many times over been proven to be dishonest . And their are also dishonest claimants out their but those that are truly disabled have the evidence to back it up by those who treat or deal with their disability both supportive and professionally on a regular basis those are the people who know best .this and this alone ought to be all and sufficient proof required for any assessment. It would certainly be more honestly informative than a 20minute consultation with someone who isn’t qualified and has no time to assess the true extent of any disability let alone “lose their job” because of “a failure in numbers reduction”.

  36. N. Thomas

    Pip is useless they dont recognize alot of mental illness the mobility assessment is one big joke I feel so let down by them my husbands condition will never change and appealing is long and stressful.

  37. Tricia

    I have just applied for pip..I have CoPD .high blood pressure panic attacks and dicicullitis .is there any point in me applying because it seems everyone is rejected

  38. Hmm pip, I had to go to 2 assessment 1st 1 I went on my own (big mistake) I ended up in hospital, the 2nd assessment my CPN /carer went with me and even she was shocked I’m epileptic and I can have a fits at anytime with no prior warning I do have mental health issues ❤☹ all of these sums up what I go through every day of my life. So back to the issue PIP they say it will be better (lie) there are more people then ever on the streets some people can’t buy food unless they go rooting through bins PIP the fat cat gets bigger and the rest of us well do I need to say yes I’m p off

  39. Elaine cleminson

    I had a stroke in 2013 was on dla motorbilitity and care component indefinitely moved to another area for safety from my ex got a letter saying because I’ve moved I have to claim pip bear in mind I need 2rails to get up stairs can’t walk out my front door can’t dress myself suffer from panic attacks collapsing left side suffer from stroke blood clots on lungs dvts self harming and go to medical and all the person wanted was her colleague to get her cup of coffee done a mandatory consideration and was told I could deeds my self I don’t see how with 1arm 1leg these so called medical assessor’s need to read a medical dictionary not the newspapers something has to be done with pip to many peoples health are put in danger through in compliment people who think they are qualified medical. Practitioners government please help the poeple in need of this benefit and not the poeple who don’t need it

  40. Roland Long

    My pip assessment was prior to the 12th November its now third week February I’m fed up of phoning them

  41. Micheal Crosbie

    i had a heart attack at work and died then my boss btught me back too life i hzd hzd surgery take 16 tablets day zb carry my spray i got truned down because i xas ckrzbn saving zn look here in tjr eyes she behind do which i could not fo do she yolf le umto movevly srm up zn down what got xith my heart and other heath reasons m m crosbie

  42. Szofia

    I have been ill for nearly 3 years now losing my twin and 9 ops kits that had I can’t even lest or my partner watches me cutting or what ever I’m under mental health care since this is now my 3rd time I have applied and that was Nov 2019 and still waiting jobcentre have said I cannot work due to mental health issues what can I do

  43. Dell

    It’s discussing its not nice ppl who are not medical trained they should not be allowed to Assess people it is not right on no level things like that should stop and they should not tell lies these are reall people with sickness any body can get sick at any time so the untrained should be very very careful how they treat others there should be a law for this kind of things how on earth can va next person say how a next person is feeling not because a person looks good on the out side that doesn’t mean they are well. That should stop if a individual is sick no one has the right to tell another person that they are not Sick give people what they are entitled to and stop lieing on them because at the end of the day thing belongs to no man we are not going to live for ever we all going to die one day even the people that makes the disition.

  44. Kevin Baldwin

    Iv been waiting for a response after my assessment in December the system is a mess the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing

  45. Corrina Carter

    My Pip took over 7 months and 2 court cases. It was so humiliating and traumatic.
    The report of my face to face assessment was full of contradictory comments and just outrageous lies. For example at the assessment i was told i didn’t need to do the physical part as they could clearly see I wasn’t up to it. The report said I refused to do the physical therefore they couldn’t assess my mobility. The whole thing was so awful that every time i get a DWP letter i have a panic attack. The way they treat people is appalling.

  46. Jacqueline Gallier

    I had my assessment and my payment was stopped. I asked for a tribunal hearing and filled in all my paper work.. I have been told that it will be 41-48 weeks before I will have my hearing, meanwhile I have no money

  47. I was given dla when I was a child for life and then this pip came into play. I had my first assessment done in 2017 and I was granted the lower rate. Last year I had a letter telling me I need another assessment to see if I am receiving the right amount of money. When the decision came back they told me they are not paying me anymore money and stopped my benefit. I went ahead and did the mandatory reconsideration form and still they have refused so now I’ve taken it to tribunal, just waiting on a date.

    So guys please do the mandatory reconsideration letter and take it to tribunal. Don’t give up at all, that is exactly what they want you to do. Blind you with science, they lie about you in your assessments, twist things you have said, making you look like a right ***. Stand up to them and take it to tribunal.

  48. I was on. Dla then when it went to pip it stopped has i appealed if the rewared id of got a big bk dated payment but wa refused so reapplyed and was awarded it again after 12months should not of been took off it in first place them. Fto face interviews they dont have aclue if u can move a hand and leg your fit for work suffered with mental health for 10 years and alot more that affects me day to day hope they look bk on all them they stopped when it came out

  49. Roger Lewis

    This deportment of the government needs more enlightened work forces because it make people need illness as deadlines of mind and spiritual growth to reform one in all areas of living in England and UK

  50. Peter Rowlands

    I had my assessment back in summer of 2019, waited three months, was turned down on my mandatory reconsideration, I’m now waiting for a tribunal, I am bi-polar with mental health problems, I suffer from imflamatory bowel disease and am diabetic, they just don’t listen and don’t care

  51. I got Severe Emphysema and get breathless a lot, I had DLA for 13 years then in 2018 I had to change to PIP, I’ve applied twice got turned down twice, I had my mobility car taken away last year, now I can’t go out as I get breathless when I walk

  52. Mary bell

    I am 68 got pip for 4 years due to be reviewed 2021 May will I need a face to face assessment

  53. Robbie C

    I fell foul of the present system of getting an assessment automatically as soon as i claimed esa. after being decared ‘fit for work ‘ i claimed jsa while the mandatory assesment went through . I won that so went back on esa but because it was a ‘new claim’ i was immediately sent for another, declared ‘fit for work” again , signed on jsa , mandatory assessment, won, claimed esa , sent for another assessment. you get the idea , 5 sanctions in 20 months for esa and two from pip for asking for help. madness. All while waiting for surgery. . they kill people.

  54. Amanda dawson

    It’s a joke. A review came up and although nothing has changed. My illness will never go away and I told them I will never get better they still reduced it still had to have a face to face. Pip been dropped and o ly given for 2 yrs as they think I will get better. Wtaf?!!!

  55. DR V

    I had a reassessment done because I’m worse off now then I was before but because I don’t a surrport worker or care plan or mental health input I’m not eligible for pip no more this is a up and down battle that’s getting old the ones that tell to truth and have paperwork and medical evedunce to back it get hurt but the scammers get more and more money

  56. Ann Turner

    I had a face to face assessment my disabilities are quite obvious by just looking at me the assessor wasnt at all interested in things I couldn’t do .asked me to do things like picking things up from the floor and standing for what I considered to long it wasnt a good experience at pip was then downgraded .to me that’s very unfair I was born with bone deformities have had many many operations and have bad arthritis in most joints. He wasnt interested at all.

  57. Lynda Coulson

    I have Rheumatoid arthritis, Degenerative disk disease in my spine, Type 2 diabetes, bi-lateral amblyopia and labyrinth iris. I had my assessment 2 years ago and it took almost a year for the DWP to sort my case out after I appealed and they want to assess me again in 2 years time so I will have to go through all that stress when I’ll be almost 57 years old.

  58. I’m currently still awaiting my appointment for the tribunal, it’s been almost a year now since the start of the re assessment, I had a re assessment in march of 2019 and we are currently in February 2020! Caused so much stress and problems to my mental health!

  59. Rubens

    I’m getting worried now reading all these comments, I had a brain tumor removed and since then I have been suffering with a few things all you have mentioned plus still get the pains in my head and at times can collapse and have a mobility scooter also just found I have a slipped disk due to having an accident while I was being treated for my brain tumor, i cant cough sneeze move propaly as I’m just in to much pain with spazams, iv suffered with blood clots in my lung and my legs, my medication dont seem to work with the pain at times as the pain still lingers, this just doesn’t seem fair, and then you do get people that can face every day as normal that are successful in receiving it.

  60. My husband had DLA for years with full mobility. When PIP came in he lost 2points and his mobility car. He asked for a reassessment last year and they have taken it all. His doctor says he is substantialy disabled. The specialist say he is chronic. The last assessment said he was chronic and would need reassessing in three years then miraculously without an operation or anything he is healed it’s a miracle. We have had to enlist the help of a solicitor to take them to tribunal as he is too ill. It’s disgraceful. These people don’t know him they call themselves nurses but have no compassion.

  61. My advice would be to get the assessment recorded

  62. Stewart Edwards

    I’m just wondering if thay atchaly give theses health care professionals any training to do this job becouse I had to go for an assisment this week and felt like I was being talked down to humiliated and laughed at by the person carrying out my assisment also her attitude towards me and my personal circumstances was completely out of order she was rude aggressive and outspoken about my illinesses to another person I heard as I was waiting in the reception area for my lift a complaint has gone in but doubt it will be taken seriously

  63. Sarah Skinner

    My pip is £200 less a month than dla was !
    The lady didn’t put down I need to be washed, dressed and cooked for and food cut up.
    I had my leg amputated 22 years ago, unable wear a prosthetic leg due to a blocked artery
    Had 3 strokes due to royal Berkshire hospital stopping my warfarin for an operation. Obviously they would not take responsibility. I never had one before and not since. I still drink and smoke as I did then. This really must a coincidence ( not ) !
    And now the government has ruined so many lives. Now they need to take urgent responsibility for this .

  64. Young92

    I got my pip and dropped down to standard because I missed out on two points the last time I was accessed in 2018 they dropped my care. This time I’m not letting them get away with it, I am in treatment for both my physical health chronic illnesses fibromyalgia, Postural orthastatic tachycardia syndrome, costocondritis and everything else that comes with fibromyalgia. I also suffer with long term mental health problems. I suffer with brain fog and trying to improve every day but yet marked down for not having in issues in this activity. I’m monitored for my physical and mental health yet they give me 0 points for managing treatments. I have my medication in a doset box weekly but yet don’t need any help to them although I provided lots of medical evidence and had a nearly two hour assessment. The whole process is an absolute joke they are hitting down on the most genuine people with real disabilities yet the people who are faking seem to get away with not needing to provide any medical evidence I really feel for everyone suffering

  65. I went through the whole process through to the appeal in court and then they called and changed my 0 points to 11 point and backdated it for a year u need to go all the way

  66. Jane doe

    There was nothing wrong with DLA. It was a effective system that believed the professionals who are trained in specific disabilities! The change to PIP must be a very expensive change! The assessment is rigidly focussed on certain functions by people who may be occupational health but they are not specialists! The system is quantity at the expense of quality. Doctors dont need masses of extra paperwork & consultants also dont need more paperwork! The entire system is degrading & stressful & irrelevant to someone who has a disability! I think it’s all designed not to believe the disabled or the professionally trained doctors and consultants. It isnt a help to someone who is suicidal! I would like to know how many suicides & deaths that have occurred during the pip process! If you are suicidally depressed then pip will push you over the edge. The money doesnt cover the cost of the disability. Bring back DLA.

  67. Pam

    Why can’t the government and dwp just take the word of our general practitioner if we fit for work or not…. There shouldn’t be any assessments.. the doctor is the professional who knows us more personally than even some of our families he is licensed so his word should be enough

  68. Graham Lucas

    I have had 3 PIP assessments and 3 ESA assessments it takes forever for a decision
    18 months waiting was the quickest

  69. I suffer gran Male epilepsy was on middle rate dla now since being with this pip ivy been told by this assessment you can only get Mobiley payments because of a cleaners job you have but working is cause me lots stressful no money support more attacks than ever basically giving me this mobility support to get me working is not clever that all

  70. Sharon mcdonnell

    I was given full dla for life but in the pip’s wisdom they decided a physical therapist was far more qualified to assess my disabilities than a thoracic consultant along with MRI scans not including pain management specialists and other consultants and apparently she didn’t think I qualified,so I sent a mandatory reconsideration and after much deliberation they still decided I wasn’t entitled so I sent it all to tribunal and 3 experts including a judge decided I was so pip gave me standard living temporarily until my disabilities could be assessed it came back that they where in operable,so the pip stopped my money again!!, after my wife faught with them for over a year finding even more medical evidence to back me up they reluctantly gave it back still at the standard rate so still wrong she is still fighting she never let’s go till she wins I would call them monkeys but feel I’m doing our distant cousins a disservice

  71. Kelly Milne

    What about ocd metal issness that i have harm symerty every day

  72. Khan

    I have secondary advanced MS i used to get DLA indefinitely and now even with all the medical evidence given they have lowered my carers allowance to standard.
    I have my enhanced rate for mobility, i was so stressed that i didnt appeal looking back in hindsight i wish i had.
    Its been a awful experience don’t wish this on anyone.

  73. M Khan

    I have secondary advanced MS i used to get DLA indefinitely and now even with all the medical evidence given they have lowered my carers allowance to standard.
    I have my enhanced rate for mobility, i was so stressed that i didnt appeal looking back in hindsight i wish i had.
    Its been a awful experience don’t wish this on anyone.

  74. Paul

    I’m dreading filling this in.. Stress went sky high when I got this through the post today.. considering I’ve had 3 operations to my brain due to brain tumour and I never claimed a penny until my 3rd op. As I had treatment on top of this the same year.. I tried going back to work but had a seizure. Took about 6 months before I got the correct money and got to wait another 2 for the back date. And now I got to deal with this BS worrying I’ll lose my pip..

  75. DEvans

    Iv just been turned down,i have few thing wrong,pain continues, RA asthma anxiety ect,need to die before they help!

  76. Aron Graham Stuart-William

    I have been waiting for a change of circumstances review still to be assessed, I have been waiting over 6 months since I reported the change and 15wks so far for the assessment provider to make a decision since my medical

  77. Hey pip decision it’s bin16 weeks an still heard nothing back yet r pip having a bottle of wine with that meal there making how long do I have to wait IV bin fighting these bastas for nearly 2 years took my mobiltly off me then last year set me up with home visit which they never trun up they sent me letter say they stopped my dayliy living allowance .because I wasn’t in bullshit my conditions I don’t go out I phoned them 5minutes afta the appointment time to c were they were 3 times I rang within that hour an they then said that they got lost as cud not find my flat an u no wot folks I had a friend of mine wait down stairs on the bottom floor an no one came threw the door he claimed so I no they never turned up I got letter for good reason for not attending appointment an stoped my money. I sent my excuse back .I said well if they got lost an cudnt find flat simple .why did they not ring me .then they had my phone number. They sent me a letter back expecting my answer an I getting my back but then it said I may have to go on face to face again .I had anther face to face an bin waiting to hear back 16 weeks now they r trading people on the phone to bullshit us all wot go on if one of them went sick wud they get the same treatment as us u no wot I will never give up or die for these bastas .stay strong every body this wot they want u to do is give up u do that thems got ya by the balls .

  78. Lindagerrard

    I have had a face to face Assessment I was refused I did a mandatory
    reconsideration it was refused twice every thing on my assessment was ALL lies there was nothing that I said I am a lady of a mutual age my disability is not going away I have LYMPHEDEMA in my legs DISGUSTED person

  79. Dave

    Hi all. Capita will pay for all the s**t they have caused. They have too many fingers in too many pies and now it’s time they get burned. They manage too much of the NHS and the list goes on. Don’t bother complaining to nmc because they are not independent at all, we are all being bulls**Ted too. Time to take a stand people. Start as many petitions as you can to get these c**ts out. Hang Amber Rudd ……..oh that’s opinion by the way., like the paper’s had too say it was opinion why they think people have died over benefits. It’s all fu**ing true.

  80. S jones

    When we win a tribunal where the health care professionals have lied and it is blatant , we should then be able to have them charged and prosecuted under the libel act. And then when they have spent a bit of time in prison and have no job, their comrades will think twice about lying. They treat us like we are workers in one of Hitlers war factories.

  81. S Jones

    It feels like the DWP have reinstated capital punishment for the, I’ll, sick, vulnerable and disabled people. The government forget they work for the people. I don’t remember voting for the disabled etc too be discriminated against. It feels like The tail is wagging the dog and not the dog wagging its tail. Can’t blind them with science then baffle them with bullshit tack ticks.
    One Love!

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