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Male Body Image: Steroids wont help but educating yourself will

In our new Newry Times column local fitness expert and Personal Trainer Mark Fleming of Elite Personal Training NI speaks about health, fitness and nutrition. Today Mark talks about men’s body image.

It is becoming more and more important for men to look better, more muscle mass, have abs, have a tan and be well groomed.

More and more men are hitting the gym in search of a leaner and muscular physique that they see in magazines and on television. But what happens when that physique doesn’t happen?

Ok, so you are training hard and eating clean and you are still not getting in to great shape? Where do you turn? The options you have are to talk to a personal trainer or a physique model and if that fails then most men approach other men in the gym who have a nice physique and ask them for advice.

A lot of them do give great advice but a lot of them talk you in to starting steroids. Especially if you are new to working out and have no clue to what you are at.

Mainly younger men are a victim to this as they don’t really know what they are at so they approach people who are in good shape for advice and they want to take what that person is taking. If this is you then STOP!

You do not need steroids to get a great physique, you just need educating and you need to work smarter instead of harder. Although steroids are an option for many and do have their place, they aren’t for youngsters.

Once you hit 30 years of age your body slows down in growth and production so that is when many peple would be likely to start taking steroids, anything before that is silly if you ask me as you haven’t hit your full natural potential which your body is capable of doing.

Look in to topics such as Positive Nitrogen Balance, Nutrient Timing, Calcium, Sodium, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate and Calories and learn exactly what your body needs every day regardless if you workout or not.

Get in to a prepping routine and learn when your body needs certain foods and chemicals in order to trigger your body systems and reach your full potential.

For any advice on Nutrition or Training you can contact me via my Facebook page by clicking here: Mark Fleming-Elite Personal Trainer NI, or email Mark at or call me on 07999012791.

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