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Dieting, carb cycles and losing weight

In our new Newry Times column local fitness expert and Personal Trainer Mark Fleming of Elite Personal Training NI speaks about health, fitness and nutrition. Today Mark talks about diets, weight loss and carb cycling.

A lot of people in today’s climate are looking to lose weight.

The reason why they have put on weight is because its cheaper to buy junk food than it is to buy good, nutritious food.

Think about it – when you walk in to a Super Market what is the first thing you see? OFFERS right? And what is on offer? junk food!

When going on a “DIET” most people cut out Carbohydrates completely. You will lose a lot of weight very quickly doing this but you will hit a brick wall and get stuck and you will also feel really tired and also put your health at risk.

We all need Carbohydrates in our diet as well as Proteins and Fats. A rule of thumb would be to cycle your carbohydrates from low to medium to high and back again, this is known as Carb Cycling.

Personally, when cutting my body fat down for the summer I carb cycle and keep my Carbohydrate intake to around 60 to 100grams on low days, when training my back I would do a medium carb day and then when doing legs I would go on a High Carb day and cycle the days up and down so every day is different.

This is the way to cut excess weight but also tone lean muscle and tighten excess skin.

So when going on a diet don’t stop taking Carbohydrates all together, lower the amount and tweak it up and down during the week depending on the body parts you are working on in the gym.

Keep your water intake around 2-4 litres depending on your body weight. Don’t always resort to chicken and broccoli for 6 meals a day. Mix it up and add spices, herbs and get your carbohydrates from Rice, Oats, Whey Protein Powder and adding fruits to water.

For any advice on Nutrition or Training you can contact me via my Facebook page by clicking here: Mark Fleming-Elite Personal Trainer NI, or email Mark at or call me on 07999012791.

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