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Top Festival Packing Tips

It’s coming up to that time of year again- festival time!

From big festivals like Oxegen to little festivals such as Narrow Water’s very own Tanglewood. With our previous article conveying the best of the best with festival fashion now it’s time for packing tips.

Packing for festivals can be a tricky, and let’s face it, not a very enjoyable task, but hopefully these top tips can save you a lot of time.

1. Wellies Wellies Wellies! Let’s face it, festivals just always seem to attract the typical miserable, wet weather we’re famous for. The best thing to tackle the mud is definitely a good old pair of wellingtons.

They will keep you dry, you can still look stylish and best of all they won’t set you back more than a few bob. After all; a welly is a welly whether it’s Primark or a label so head down to Buttercrane and pick up a cheap but chic pair for all your festival needs.

And even if the sun decides to actually make an appearance a stylish and comfortable ankle boot will never go a miss.

2. Oldies but Goodies. With all the mud and rain and the chance of theft being quite high at festivals it’s best to wear older or cheap clothes that you won’t mind being ruined or taken.

I don’t recommend bringing anything that isn’t readily replaceable at a low cost. You can always bring old clothes-you could argue you’re going retro! If you want some new threads but don’t want duds I suggest a trip down to Primark for some cheap and cheerful yet stylish goods.

3. Mini Marvels. Not the most hygienic of places, some mini beauty and hygiene products are a must! You may need an unholy amount of hand sanitizer and wet wipes but thankfully you can get an unholy amount of this in all the best local chemists.

Mini deodorants and body sprays are also necessary for the groggy climate of a festival. And for the ladies, and men too I suppose, dry shampoo will help keep your locks tame and clean (looking at least) for the duration of the weekend.

Failing this I recommend a classic-the hat. Never misses. The ultimate necessity however is perhaps to remember to bring your own loo roll. Thank me later.

4. Disposable Technology. With all the running about, hedonism and frivolity of festival life bringing your iPhone and digital camera is possibly not the most sensible idea.

As an alternative it’s best to pick up a disposable camera and a cheap phone. You can get pretty decent phones at just a tenner in our local Tesco’s so why not get one and not risk losing your everyday phone over a ‘festival phone.’

5. One for the Ladies. Whilst you probably won’t be feeling the freshest you can always create the illusion that you feel, and look, great. In my opinion the best way to do this is with a bright, red lipstick.

It makes you look as if you’ve put effort in when really you probably haven’t thought much of it. A bright lipstick can always make your whole outfit or look standout. This is an effortlessly chic way to feel stylish after a weekend of mud.

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