Ambulance service hindered because of parking debacle

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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Motorists are parking in areas which hinder the Ambulance service

Police in Newry are reminding motorists of parking restrictions in the Hospital Road area and the need to keep this area clear to allow unrestricted access for emergency vehicles entering or leaving the Ambulance Station.

Yellow zig zag lines clearly mark the road just outside the entrance to the ambulance station and despite this, cars are parking here, particularly around visiting time at the nearby hospital.



This is preventing ambulances from getting in and out of the station and also obscuring and obstructing their view of the junction when they are leaving, often in response to an emergency call.

Constable Valentine explained, “Motorists may not realise the difficulties they are causing, but Ambulance Staff are having real problems responding to emergency calls as quickly as they need to.
“Motorists are also parking on both sides of Hospital Road, half on the footpath and half on the road and this is also hindering the speedy response of ambulance.”



He added, “We will be working with DRD to look at solutions to this problem, however I would ask motorists to show consideration for ambulance staff and the access they need to be able to respond speedily and effectively to calls for help from the local community.
“Motorists should make sure they are not parked in a dangerous position or causing an obstruction. Parking on zig zag yellow lines or in a dangerous positions is dealt with by way of fixed penalty notice or report to the Public Prosecution Service.”



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