Convicted Newry killer denies he implicated former friend as revenge

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
A Newry man charged with murdering a homeless Polish man has denied that he falsely implicated his former friend – Lyndsey White – in revenge, after learning that she gave evidence against him. Aidrian Gregory Cunningham, 20, was accused of murdering  Marek Mateusz Muszynsk (40) and Cunningham rejected claims that White had not assisted him in the attack, but had tried to stop him. 23 year old White denies any involvement in the vicious attack which rocked the community in 2009 and Cunningham was subsequently sentenced to life in prison. At Newry Crown Court yesterday, Cunningham stated that Muszynski had walked to his death unwittingly, in an alleyway while trying to “defuse the situation, to show good will”, after another attack had taken place moments before. Judge David Mcfarland and the jury heard that the attack on Muszynski had started after a signal in the form of a coughing sound, after which White punched Muszynski in the face before Cunningham lashed out, knocking their victim to the floor. Cunningham continued, “Lindsay and I then proceeded to kick this man in the head… he would have been kicked for several minutes, and at this stage both Lindsay and I stood on his throat.” Cunningham later confessed to prosecution QC Philip Mateer that although he was unsure about how many times the pair kicked defenseless Muszynski, White had “definitely” kicked him in the upper body. After the killing, Cunningham admitted being ‘quite tense’ and ‘panicking’ but then he and White stopped and got a Chinese takeaway and more drink from a nearby pub before making their way to White’s flat. On what happened in the days after the murder, Cunningham said, “It got to the stage where I was extremely upset and broke down and began to cry, and was overcome with guilt, and was panic- stricken.” When questioned why he had implicated that White was involved in the murder, he said, “Because it is the truth.” The defence lawyer claimed, “White did her best to stop you, and the more she told you to stop, the more you kicked him. You were in a rage and she did her best to stop you.” Cunningham in turn dismissed these claims as “false”.
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