o2 apologise for shocking Newry service but major problems remain

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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
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As a result of a Newry Times investigation into the shocking phone coverage in Newry for users of the o2 network o2 has apologized and claimed that they have fixed all the problems.

An apology from o2 but problems persist with the network

However, despite engineers spending time in Newry over this past two weeks, Newry users say the problems with the network persist. Two weeks ago Newry Times reported how local people felt let down by the network giant after experiencing major problems with the network for more than 12 months. One major issue experienced locally was when trying to make a call. o2 users claimed that after trying to make or receive a call they heard an echo of their own voice. Sending and receiving text messages was another headache local phone users said they were encountering. Many reported delays of hours, and shockingly in some cases days, between sending a text message and the intended recipient actually receiving it. Even more infuriating for local customers was how their issues were being dealt with by o2’s customer service department. They were not offered an apology and were told their phones were faulty and causing the problems. However, due to pressure from Newry Times, local politicians and disgruntled o2 users, o2 said they sent out an engineer last week to look at the issues in more depth. An O2 spokesperson told Newry Times, “After a thorough network inspection and visits by our engineers to several of the sites in the Newry & Mourne County area, we have made some network adjustments and replaced some equipment. Delivering a great service in the area remains a priority for us.  We will continue to monitor the situation and apologise to any customers who may have recently had reduced service.” The issues resolved by o2’s engineering team however, appear to be in vain. Newry Times asked our readers on our Facebook page were they still experiencing problems and within seconds of posting the question, over 30 more disgruntled o2 customers came forward to insist the problems still remained. One wrote, “I had no signal all morning! My Contract can’t end soon enough!” Another wrote, “Sitting here with no service at the minute!!! Pathetic!!! Trying to run a business!!!!” Another furious o2 user commented, “Have had no use of my phone properly from last week. It really is not good enough o2. Bill paid this month and no use of my phone at all.”

If Brad Pitt was on the o2 network in Newry he would have good cause to throw his phone away

Local SDLP South Down MLA Karen McKevitt welcomed the apology from O2 and explained some of the problems o2 engineers found. “O2 has advised that their Network team have been investigating the performance on the cell sites in the Newry & Mourne area over the past few weeks and conducted full analysis of performance to identify any anomalies based on customer feedback. “O2 found that the issue with echo / reduced call quality was caused by a problem with one of the signalling links to the area. I am informed that this was corrected on 10 October and subsequent checks and tests have reported that this problem is now resolved. “O2 engineers have also tested a mast near Buttercrane Quay and found a faulty piece of equipment which may have caused intermittent problems for some customers in the area. This piece of equipment has now been replaced and test calls made show there are no further issues for this problem. McKevitt added, “O2 engineers were on site yesterday and having slightly tilted the antennae for this mast they believe this will further improve the 3G signal in this location. If people continue to experience problems with network coverage please report this to OfCom via e-mail ofcomnorthernirelandoffice@ofcom.org.uk” More on this story: o2 network in Newry: How to lose customers and alienate people
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26 Comments for “o2 apologise for shocking Newry service but major problems remain”

  1. Marie-Clare

    Fixed the problem?? Nope still no signal, still hear myself when I do have signal and try to ring someone and sending a message takes up to half and hour! Paying a monthly contract for a service that doesn’t work… I’m such a mug

  2. sarah mcmillan

    I have been having issues past week with having no signal at all and then today phone wouldn’t send text messages. It’s not good enough, yea the problem eith the echo on phone calls may have been fixed but nkw uts been replaced by another problem

  3. Emma Lavery

    Haven’t heard any echoes over last few days but I’m still receiving messages days late and signal is useless!

  4. Aisling Starr's

    I’m in Bessbrook just outside Newry and when calling family and friends I can only hear myself. Or when calling it says call failed. 02 service in Newry is ridiculous

  5. Eilish Medlicott

    Sservice still rubbish sick of it

  6. Chris

    Phoned o2 to report problem at least 6 times over so many months, and they constantly denied the fact that there was any problems, not just Newry area, all of Northern Ireland were having dropped calls and hearing echos in their phones, complete joke!!!!

  7. John mc Kibbin

    The signal is pathetic I have spent hours on the phone to O2 (landline) still the same rubbish they say I can’t cancel my contracts because their terms say they can’t guarantee a service 100% of the time,after I got so annoyed with them I asked for a free boost box which boosts only a 3G signal I was told no,so put through to cancelation department after 47 mins they gave me a boost box free this works most of the time when I’m within 10 metres of it.
    It’s a rubbish service but still charge me £250 every month I think it’s now time I pulled the plug and moved on.

  8. Joseph Lennon

    I’v noticed that some areas in the centre of town the 3g signal is practically non-existant, especially on monaghan street where I find extremely difficult to pick any 3g, if its like this now what can wee expect when 4g is introduced in Newry?

  9. Aisling

    Pathetic service! Live in the BT34 area.. no signal in the house have rang many times to complain! Asked for compensation .. nothing when asked about cancelling got a bill in the hunderds even though only 4 months left! Total disgrace!

  10. Melissa

    BT34 Newry.
    Made a complaint to o2 a couple of weeks ago and they told me everything was in working order.
    Constantly hearing my voice repeat back to me when on the phone and can’t hear the other person. Receiving text messages days after they’re sent and signal coverage is very bad for calls and data. Can never get 3G coverage either. Paying £38.00 a month for this service which is a joke!!
    Been looking into switching providers after 10yrs of loyalty to o2. Had enough.

  11. Louise

    Bt342pe no recpetion what so ever!!! Can send or receive messages/calls!!! Whats the point in having a mobile its totally useless!!!

  12. Moira

    BT34 1HB
    Has been dreadful since beginning of August. Hearing my own voice when ringing people. Getting through and immediately disconnected. People ringing me and I get missed called text even though it didn’t ring as phone is in my hand.
    My father was in a bad accident in late August and this lack of service added to the distress.
    Contacted 02 and was planned off saying that Newry only has 2g coverage and this was interfering with signal as my phone had 3g turned on a load if nonsense and still no resolution.
    Paying a contract for no service they are in breach of their own terms and conditions.

  13. Joanne

    I live in bt35, close proximity to the city centre and was constantly having to pay roaming charges due to spend in more time on O2 ie rather than O2 uk. Any time I contacted O2 I found them extremly unhelpful and were only interested in getting more money out of me rather than providing an acceptable level of customer service. After years of loyalty to O2 I switched in February to Vodafone and I’ve got to say it is the best thing I have done, I now have no issues with either phone service or the customer service I receive plus I now know my bills will not be coming in £20+ dearer than the price agreed on my contract down to roaming charges which shouldn’t have been applied

  14. Aidan lyons

    I live in bt34 an my service is intermittent between 1 bar and no signal. I have missed lots of important calls, my voice mails are usually a day late. Castlewellan near me doesn’t really have an O2 signal at all

  15. Jackie Burke


    Bt34, about 3 ish months service keepings switching to O2 ie and other southern networks where I live and they said its due to a building site near the mast and they don’t kno when it will be fixed and on other occasions they said there was nothing rong with the service and sent me a new sin card, the O2 shop advised me not to change the sim as it was the service not the phone, and also checking the service on their web site it says the service in my area is working well, and I have snap shots of it changing to a southern network as I was checking.. Hopefully this is all getting resolved

  16. aine curran

    Im on contract with o2 the signal is terrie i suffer from the same problems as abkve i rang 02 as i was paying for a phone which i couldnt use due to signal but because the computers said i had strong signal strength i was a liar and couldnt cancel my contract! Disgrace!

  17. Amanda

    Bt34 rathfriland road area, messages not going through and echo when making calls. Problem ongoing for past few months, not good enough O2.

  18. Cathal Rooney

    I live in newry bt356pd, have been a 02 customer for as long as I remember, Sent screen shots of no sognal as well as the map showing my location on different dates only to be told to send my phone in for repair or rub my sim card with a dry cloth … EE do you want my money ?? And my loyalty

  19. Ciara Stratton

    The past few months all I could hear was myself when contacting others the problem hasn’t been as bad lately but now I am gettin no signal plus they say £30 a month my last phone bill was £130 ridiculous will never hve another contract with them!

  20. Gareth Doyle

    When i make a phone call it either disconnects or I can hear myself. As a long term o2 customer this isnt good enough!

  21. Claire

    Coverage still shocking today-not fixed in BT34! Can also hear myself speak and often have problems making calls. Thought it was just my phone so changed it recently – same problems. O2 are a joke!

  22. nicola

    Have been trying to make o2 to o2 calls to my husband and they do not connect. Even though his phone is on. This results in me calling the land line and getting charged! What’s the point in free o2 to o2 calls if i cannot use them!

  23. Annemarie magill

    Same problems as everyone else. Changing to vofafone wen contract is up, but this has made me wonder what obligations O2 has to the customer in the contract???Are we all entitled to refunds or to terminate the contract because their not providing the service they promised?

  24. Deborah Morris

    So bad switched to another provider!
    Shame on u o2

  25. Laura


    I’m sick of o2. Delayed txt messages and not receiving calls.i can only use my internet when on wifi, I have rung o2 several times and just been told to clean my sim. I’m far from happy with the o2 service. =[

  26. Jackie Burke

    Bt34, about 3 ish months service keepings switching to O2 ie and other southern networks where I live and they said its due to a building site near the mast and they don’t kno when it will be fixed and on other occasions they said there was nothing rong with the service and sent me a new sin card, the O2 shop advised me not to change the sim as it was the service not the phone, and also checking the service on their web site it says the service in my area is working well, and I have snap shots of it changing to a southern network as I was checking.. Hopefully this is all getting resolved and roll on until my contract ends

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