‘Sinn Féin supports flexibility in school starting age’ – Hazzard

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Friday, September 13th, 2013

Sinn Féin Education Spokesperson Chris Hazzard has said that Sinn Féin supports greater flexibility in the school starting age to allow some children to begin a year later.

Sinn Fein MLA Chris Hazzard

Hazzard told Newry Times, “I welcome the fact that the Minister has already begun work to explore the possibility of greater flexibility in the school starting age.

“It is important that the needs of the children are put first and that we maximise the enjoyment of children at school. Many children born in the months of May or June could be up to nearly a year younger than their peers and that gap can be massive in those formative years.

“By introducing flexibility for these children we can ensure that they are beginning school on a better basis of being able to settle, mix and learn with the other children. This leads to better educational outcomes for all the children and that has to be the focus.

Hazzard added, “Sinn Féin is committed to ensuring all children have an equal opportunity to maximise their learning experience and introducing flexibility at this level will ensure that happens.”

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