Letters to the Editor, ‘Claim that Catholic schools contributed in The Troubles deeply offensive’

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Thursday, June 13th, 2013
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Dear Editor,

The comments made by Mr Ross claiming that Catholic schools played a role and contributed to the conflict during The Troubles are deeply offensive to each and every teacher, principal and pupil who has gone through a catholic school.

Speaking as a former principal, I have personally witnessed the ethos of respect, inclusivity and tolerance that is at the centre of Catholic education in Northern Ireland.

Furthermore, during the Troubles, education and guidance given in Catholic schools provided a stabilising and sheltering environment to students growing up in a deeply traumatic era.

Such a sweeping and unfounded statement, with nothing to support it, seems to me like yet another cheap and insensitive attempt by Nick Ross to grab headlines.

He has, under pressure, apologised but the hurt and offense he has caused to the catholic teaching profession and parents and children who have gone through the catholic education system will take a long time to heal.

Sean Rogers MLA

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