South Down RNU call on Ritchie to explain benefits of Corporation Tax devolution

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Sunday, October 28th, 2012

RNU in South Down have called on the SDLP MP Margaret Ritchie to explain to the ordinary workers and unemployed in the area how the devolution of corporation tax will benefit them.

A spokesman for Republican Network for Unity explained,

“Ritchie has called for a decision on the devolution of the business tax to be made as son as possible in order to “Grow the Northern Ireland economy”.

“Ritchie also states that, “The lowering of corporation tax offers the real potential to re-balance our economy, grow our private sector in particular and secure inward investment”.

The spokesman continued, “The Network in the area are concerned that Mrs. Ritchie is failing to recognize that the traditional industries in South Down will not be protected by making investment in the area more open to exploitation by multinational and native capitalists.”

“The South Down urban areas such as Downpatrick and Newry, have a large number of workers employed in the public sector, to make it easier and cheaper for private companies to provide services to the health service does little or nothing to protect these workers.”

The RNU continued, “The traditional industries in South Down, which is predominantly rural, are Agriculture, Fishing and Construction; Ritchie must explain to workers in these sectors how making it cheaper for Capitalist exploitation helps them in any way.”

“While it may sound like an all Ireland approach to the economy to lower corporation tax to the level of the 26 counties it is in fact a short term fix to avoid a complete overhaul of the entire economy in Ireland that will effect real change for the workers.

The RNU added, “Capitalism has failed in Ireland and no amount of tax harmonization can change that fact. RNU in South Down ask that republicans and socialists in the area continue to agitate against Tory policies in the six counties and those who implement it.

“Devolution of Corporation Tax in the six counties is a measure aimed at satisfying the Capitalists, not the workers.”

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