‘Parties must work together on post primary transfer’ – Rogers

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

SDLP Education Spokesperson Sean Rogers has called for political parties to work together to find an agreed solution to post-primary transfer. His call comes after Peter Robinson’s statement that the DUP is to launch their own initiative to find a common transfer test for all schools in Northern Ireland.

The South Down MLA, who is also a former teacher, said: “Party politics must stop being put before the educational needs of children on the issue of academic selection. Politicians need to get around the table and find an agreed way to end selection at 11, unregulated transfer chaos and parties working in isolation will not achieve anything positive for our children’s future educational opportunities.”

“This issue is causing a lot of distress to children, parents and teachers across the North and must be sorted out once and for all. I appeal to all parties in government to show some maturity and respect for the views of each other and those of parents and educationalists.”

He added, “Investing in educational excellence and sharing in education is key to moving forward and making devolution work better for this region.We have the possibility of creating a first class education system here and it is vital that political egos do not get in the way of making this a reality.”

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