‘Bomb probably destined for Newry City Centre’ – Kennedy

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2012
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Kennedy believes the bomb was destined for somewhere in Newry

The primed 600 pound bomb made safe last week by Police in Newry was destined for Newry City centre. That’s according to MLA for the area Danny Kennedy, who was speaking to the News Letter yesterday and said, “Police seem to be indicating that they were expecting this bomb to be brought somewhere. There was a significant police presence in Newry in the run-up to this find and there is the question of whether intelligence led them to it.”

Speculating on where the bomb’s intended destination may have been, Kennedy continued by stating his belief that it was somewhere in Newry. “There are questions about whether it was destined for the centre of Newry, Ardmore PSNI Station or Newry courthouse – these are targets that are all being looked at as possibilities.”

Hinting that police intelligence on the operation may have spooked the bombers into fleeing, Kennedy added, “That seems to be the emerging picture.”


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