Conor Murphy: ‘Loyalist parade killed spirit of St. Patrick’

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Monday, March 19th, 2012
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Speaking yesterday afternoon on Radio Ulster’s ‘Inside Politics’ programme, Newry Armagh MP Conor Murphy has described the loyalist parade in Armagh as having ‘killed the spirit of St. Patrick’. Murphy stated, “While I am glad that people did not rise to provocation, as Sinn Féin advised, and that there were no major incidents in Armagh yesterday, it is obvious that the loyalist parade killed the spirit of St Patrick for those trying to celebrate the feast day of the Patron Saint of Ireland.”

Murphy continued, “The annual council organised parade has been growing year on year and last year in excess of 16,000 people came in to Armagh to enjoy the festivities. In the past this has brought a welcome economic boost to Armagh’s traders but this was ruined yesterday as overall numbers were down significantly, shops had to close early and some traders reported takings down by 75%. I would challenge Danny Kennedy, who has accused the nationalist community of a ‘hysterical reaction’ to speak to these traders who have missed out on the busiest day’s trade of the year.”

The Sinn Fein MP said the bombscare in the afternoon and the sight of a helicopter hovering overhead led to a tense atmosphere, one that he claimed was ‘not conducive to a family day out’. He added, “Had Cormeen flute band been serious about wishing to participate in the St Patrick’s Day celebration they could have remained in discussions with Armagh council instead of walking out to hold a separate parade.”

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