Q. “We advertise with local newspapers – we don’t see the need to change.”

A. It is a well documented fact that the newspaper industry is in huge decline. This has had an effect locally; with newspapers such as the Newry Reporter and the Newry Democrat experiencing a decline in their readership. This is documented in the Newry Reporter’s latest ABC readership certification:  which showed typical issue sales of 11,495 per week and the Newry Democrat’s showing weekly sales of 6995.

In stark contrast to this, Newry Times is showing a monthly increase in readership; with stats going up each month which shows that Newry Times share of the market is increasing while traditional print media is decreasing.

Q. “The Cost is too high.”

A. We provide much more effective advertising solutions at a significantly lower price. Also, a lot of added extras are possible which would not be available through advertising with local newspapers. These include: Click through opportunities, video content, picture galleries, unlimited space for advertising features as well as social media such as; Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In, which are all tied in with the advertising with Newry Times. We think outside the box and offer you an advertisement to suit you.

Q. “I’d rather be loyal to the newspapers that I’ve always advertised with.”

A. Print media is in decline, newspapers are going up in price but down in content. The internet and social networking websites are undisputed now as the main communication tool. Although loyalty is a great thing, it is something that has to be earned. For example, you may have a car that works perfectly for four to five years – but if that car starts breaking down or not starting it will be replaced.

You need to assess if traditional newspapers can provide you with the advertising that your business requires, and if it cannot you need to update and move on to something better.

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