Bradley welcomes publicity campaign to underpin Líofa

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Friday, February 28th, 2014

SDLP Newry and Mourne MLA, and the party’s Irish language spokesperson Dominic Bradley has welcomed the new publicity campaign aimed at underpinning ‘Líofa’.

SDLP MLA Dominic Bradley

Commenting on the campaign Bradley said, “I welcome the multi-media publicity campaign which will help to underpin the ‘Líofa’ project.

“I hope the new campaign will help to attract more people to learn and speak the Irish language, especially those who have not had the opportunity to learn the language at primary and post-primary level.

“There is a need to influence young people in a positive manner, especially those in secondary school who are about to make choices at Key Stage 3, as well as giving pupils in English medium primary schools the opportunity to learn Irish.

“It is particularly alarming that the entrance numbers to some Irish medium schools have fallen somewhat in some places. I hope that the conscious awareness raising efforts encompassed in the publicity campaign will be helpful in this respect too.

Bradley added, “Publicity, whilst it is to be welcomed, must never become an alternative to real action which addresses the problems I have outlined.”

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