‘Legacy of World Police and Fire Games to help local schools’ – McKevitt

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Friday, August 2nd, 2013

SDLP Culture Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Karen McKevitt has welcomed the positive legacy of the World Police and Fire Games with the news that schools across the north will benefit from the use of mobile defibrillators used at events.

“After the World Police and Fire Games 45 schools across the north of Ireland will benefit from the gift of mobile defibrillators that are being used at the various events.

“This will be a hugely positive legacy of the games as it is possible that this gift will help to save a child’s life in the future.

“The mobile defibrillators are used to ‘shock’ a victim of a cardiac arrest back to the normal rhythm increasing survival rates to over 70% compared with less than 5% with just CPR alone.

McKevitt added, “Unfortunately in recent times there have been instances of very sad deaths so I look forward to seeing the delivery of these defibrillators to local schools.”

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