Corcreechy Road oak tree removal put on hold

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Fews area Sinn Fein Councillor Pat McGinn has confirmed that the proposal to remove the landmark Oak tree on the Corcreechy Road to help sightline improvement has been put on hold whilst Roads Service consult with all relevant parties.

Local Councillor Pat McGinn

The proposal, which Roads Service state had been made after a number of residents had reported there had been accidents and wished the tree to be moved, has according to McGinn been met with opposition from local residents who wish to see the tree remain.

Some residents have made enquiries about getting a preservation order on the tree.

McGinn told Newry Times, “I believe that and share the concerns raised by members of the public in relation to road safety and that it is necessary for Roads Service Traffic Team to look at the junction and provide advice and direction on the matter.

“However there is also a belief that it is unlikely that the trees’ removal will provide the recommended standard for visibility on such a road,” said the Councillor who had been contacted by local residents expressing their concern to remove the Oak Tree.

He added, “I know that the tree means a lot to residents and the area. They, like me, are also aware of the need to ensure as best as practically possible the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. Hopefully we can get together with Roads Service, look at all available options and progress the issue.”

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