Abolition of mobile roaming charges delights Burns

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Speaking following the announcement by the European Commission that mobile roaming charges will be abolished from next summer Sinn Féin councillor Colman Burns said it was ‘long overdue’.

“This is a long overdue announcement which I welcome wholeheartedly. The creation of a single telecom market across Europe will reduce costs for people who live in border areas where mobile phones roam inadvertently,” said the Sinn Fein Councillor.

“Mobile roaming is a huge problem for people in South Armagh who are contracted to one network but who roam onto many other networks during the course of their day.

“People in South Armagh typically purchase phones on southern networks such as o2 IRL or Vodafone IE as these are the networks with service in this area.

“Problems arise however when these people go further into the north to Newry for example to school or to do business as the phone then roams onto the northern version of these networks.

“Of course there is a cost implication in roaming with people being charged in some cases even to receive calls and texts,” he insisted.

“I also hope that the irritating texts which seem to come in twos ‘welcoming’ people to the UK or the Republic of Ireland when they have travelled only a few miles from their homes will be a thing of the past under the new regulations.

“I think this new ruling is a step in the right direction and will certainly be welcomed by those living along the border corridor. This will also have a positive impact on those doing business in the area.

Burns added, “Currently most business people would operated two mobile phones, a northern and a southern one, hopefully now this practise will no longer be required and those in business will see a reduction in communication costs.”

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