‘Cash machine shortage in Warrenpoint needs addressed’ – McGreevy

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Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

The shortage of cash machines in Warrenpoint has been described as a ‘scandal’ that makes a mockery of the town being properly promoted as a prime tourism destination.

SDLP Councillor Connaire McGreevy

And SDLP Councillor Connaire McGreevy says that unless the situation is improved local business outlets will lose out on vital additional sales at a time of severe economic pressure.

“The closure of the Danske Bank means that we now only have two cash machine outlets in the ‘Point. If people don’t have the chance to get access to additional cash when they need it then money that could be circulating for the benefit of local businesses is lost.

“The present situation is totally inadequate for an area that during the summer season sees its footfall traffic increase by thousands on a daily basis. During the weekend period those numbers increase even more, pushing further cash pressure on shops, bars and restaurant outlets,” McGreevy said.

Councillor McGreevy said that having access to a ready supply of finance through machines that are capable of supplying both Sterling and Euro was vital if Warrenpoint was to realise its tourism potential.

“There are many very committed people working at all levels to help develop Warrenpoint as a key tourist centre but they are being continually frustrated by a lack of the financial infrastructure that comes with a modern society.

“The town is ideally situated to tap into a potentially lucrative cross border tourism trade as well as attracting visitors from all parts of the North.

“However, that source of critical revenue for the local economy is being jeopardised because the various financial institutions that for decades have benefited from the support of local people, have now abandoned the town,” he added.

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