‘Flags violence hampering NI’s global economic contribution’ – Bradley

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Monday, January 14th, 2013

SDLP Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Finance Committee, Dominic Bradley MLA, has said that the economic impact of flag-related violence on the North is affecting our standing on a global scale.

Speaking to Newry Times, the Newry and Armagh MLA said,

“We are already getting the first indications of how local businesses, particularly small businesses, are suffering from the violence seen on our streets and at a time when unemployment is rising this type of action being beamed around the world does nothing to attract foreign direct investment here and new jobs for our young people.

“Foreign inward investors will take the first flight home after seeing the destruction being wrought and the images of riots and intimidation being beamed around the world. I have had reports of potential investors as far away as Asia questioning the stability of society here.

Bradley continued, “Any continuation of this violence which is opposed by the vast majority of people here both Nationalist and Unionist will have a dangerous knock-on effect beyond Belfast.

“This at a time when Northern Ireland should be a beacon of enterprise, harnessing not only our local business acumen but also capitalising on events like the City of Culture and The Gathering is heart breaking for business. Through the actions of a vicious minority, we are risking the North becoming an international economic pariah.

“This is no way to address deprivation and the effects of the recession. The protests and violence must stop and stop now – for the good of every citizen,” he added.

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