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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Terry Hearty has raised concerns with the Roads Service in relation to the Glassdrummond Road, Crossmaglen.

Speaking to Newry Times, Councillor Hearty explained, “The Glassdrummond Road has been an ongoing issue for a number of years. I have raised concerns about how dangerous it is to Roads Service on numerous occasions.

“The problem is that the road has many springs running under it so it means that the road is constantly wet. When the winter sets in and temperatures drop to freezing, the road is like a skating rink.

“I was in contact with Glassdrummond primary school and they informed me that 25 pupils were absent during the week because the road was treacherous. School children’s education is very important and they can’t afford to take time off unnecessarily.

Hearty continued, “I live on the Glassdrummond Road and I travel on it every morning. On Wednesday morning the road was very slippery and dangerous. I would not ask any parent, or in fact anyone, to risk travelling on that road to leave their children to school, as they would be putting their lives and their children’s lives at risk.

“I again raised concerns about the Glassdrummond Road with Roads Service on Tuesday last. I was informed by them that the road does not fit the criteria because of the volume of traffic.

“However, there are buses with children that travel on this road on their journey to school, and there is a huge area affected when the Ulster bus can’t go that way because of the potential danger.

“Creggan, Glassdrummond and Ballsmill are all affected in the winter. Parents are then left with the responsibility of risking the journey, or letting their child stay off, missing vital school days. I am calling on Roads Service to look at the Glassdrummond Road as a special case, as it is treacherous in the winter.

Hearty added, “Tragically a young man was killed travelling on the road on a frosty morning in 2007. Roads Service has to take some responsibility because with the high rate of springs in the area the road is often damp.

“This issue needs to be addressed by Roads Service to prevent any more serious accidents and to allow our children to attend school safely.”

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