Jack Frost casts a spell this Halloween

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

As ghosts and ghouls emerge this Halloween, it appears that Jack Frost has cast his spell on the weather, with low temperatures and frost forecast for the weekend.

With this in mind, NI Water is calling on all customers to carry out the two step pipe check and ensure their property is protected against the winter weather.

Sean McAleese, Head of Networks Water NI Water explained,

“As the Halloween festivities kick off this weekend, a cold spell is on its way. For that reason we are asking all customers to carry out the two step pipe check; simply check your pipes are protected and if not, take steps to have them well insulated for the coming winter.

“The threat of the cold weather and burst or frozen pipes is very real and cannot be ignored. Insulating your pipework is an essential action to protect your water supply and that of your neighbours. Measures such as these and knowing where your stop valve is and having the number of a plumber to hand can all make a huge difference.”

NI Water has produced a handy stop valve tag to encourage customers to locate their valve in the event of a burst pipe along with two other useful items; an ice scraper and thermometer.

Customers can obtain these free items by phoning the Waterline number on 08457 440088, emailing waterline@niwater.com or contacting NIW through Facebook.

They also have a Customer Care Register which is designed to meet the needs of those requiring extra help or support from the organisation. Joining is simple; customers can phone the Waterline number or obtain further information by visiting www.niwater.com.

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