Bradley welcomes proposed talks between IFA and Newry City FC

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Monday, October 15th, 2012

SDLP MLA for Newry and Armagh, Dominic Bradley has welcomed the proposal that the Chief Executive and the board of the IFA meet with the management committee of Newry City football club, Newry and Mourne District Council officials, and local public representatives as soon as possible.

Commenting after a meeting between IFA officials, Newry City, and elected representatives Mr Bradley said:

“Effectively all teams affiliated or associated with Newry City Football Club are no longer permitted to take part in any competition for the remainder of the season. This includes all youth teams as well as the successful under 19 team and for the minute the ladies football team and the Special Olympics team, although these two teams and their status is to be revisited by the IFA.

“All those who volunteer their services to the club and its supporters are enraged by this situation which is not of their doing. They are the victims of the demise of the commercial company.

Bradley continued, “The trustees and assistant manager of Newry City FC compiled and presented to the IFA a strong proposal for the re-entry of Newry City FC and all their teams to the Irish football league structure.

“This detailed 10 page proposal included an overview of the club, its facilities and sporting structures as well as a coherent strategy for the recommencement of football in the district. This plan should not be thwarted by red tape and petty bureaucracy.”

“We want to find a solution to allow the continuation of Newry City FC and all their teams including the youth academy. Of particular concern to me is the preservation of the Newry City Special Olympics team.

He added, “Rather than the strict letter of the law being applied by the IFA to their rules and regulations I want to see more of the spirit of the law and common sense to be applied to this serious situation.

“This is  a situation which could have far reaching consequences to our district as youth football and community development could be lost long term. I hope that the meeting with the IFA board and the Chief Executive will take place without delay.”

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