Letters to the Editor, ‘Increasing awareness of depression’

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2012
Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a long time sufferer of depression I’d personally like more aware of mental illness so I researched it and the statistics clearly state that one in four of us are affected by some kind of illness.

This means that currently someone in your immediate family (I.e mother, father, brother, sister, aunt or uncle) is affected by this.

Why is it that when we see a guy wearing a brace we automatically think “that poor fella must have a broken bone” but when we see someone have a mental episode we think “he/she’s a psycho,nutter etc.?”

Broken bones eventually heal but mental illness cannot be removed or destroyed from the human brain. Doctors don’t even want to listen us, just throw more and more medication at the problem.

This is not helping our condition but procrastinating our anguish and fobbing us off but aside from that if the general public could distinguish it in others around them it would go a long way towards helping our struggle.

I feel very passionate about getting people more aware and if even one person could take this on-board I have made a difference.



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