‘Time for Saval flags to come down’ – McKevitt

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Monday, September 10th, 2012

SDLP South Down MLA Karen McKevitt has called on those responsible for putting up flags in Saval to recognise that the time has come to take them down.

Speaking to Newry Times, she said: “Extra Union flags, Red Hand flags and Orange Order flags have been hanging around the Orchard Bar over the summer. Apart altogether from the fact that local residents don’t want any sort of flags to be used as sectarian territorial markers, they should not just be left there.

“If those who hung the flags are a bit short on respect for their neighbours they should at least have some respect for the flags they claim to hold dear. The flag of any nation should in fact be taken down at sunset, and it should never be left to rot into tatters.”

McKevitt added, “The congregation of St Patrick’s in Belfast said they didn’t want bans, they wanted respect, and I would say the same should apply in Saval. The marching season is over and the flags should come down. And the issue of respect should be dealt with if there is to be any question of them going up again.”

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