Ruane condemns GAA goalpost vandalism

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Friday, June 15th, 2012

Sinn Féin MLA Caitriona Ruane has said that those who cut down the newly erected GAA posts in Kilkeel were depriving young people from a sporting facility.

Speaking to Newry Times, Ms Ruane said, “Due to work being carried out at Ballymartin GAA Club the council erected GAA posts at to facilitate the club during the upgrade of the club facilities. Those who vandalised these posts obviously went to some length as it would have taken heavy cutting equipment to carry out this act. This Council space is a multi sport use facility open to all sections of the community and everyone using it should be respected.”

“There are obviously those who wish to increase sectarian tensions in the area by attacking the GAA but they will fail. The vast majority of the residents in this area are content that Ballymartin GAA youths have access to this facility. The GAA is a non sectarian sporting organisation who encourage young people of all persuasions to participate in sport which is stark contrast to the minority of people who wish to express their bigotry through vandalism.”

She added, “I would call on the Council to ensure that the posts are repaired so that Ballymartin GAA youths can enjoy their sport.”

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