Ritchie welcomes government u-turn

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

SDLP South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has welcomed Chancellor George Osborne’s announcement that he has dropped plans to limit tax relief on charitable giving – not least because it could have hit donations to charities in South Down.

Ritchie, who has lobbied at Westminster for the planned restriction on tax relief for charitable giving to be reversed, said:

“I welcome this latest u-turn by George Osborne which could have hit philanthropic giving to charities and universities – and discouraged big donors at a time when more people need help from charities. This u-turn – as well as those earlier this week on pasty and caravan taxes – shows just how messy and ill thought-out the government’s Budget measures were. The changes this week will solve some but not all of the government’s scrappy budget measures.”

“Importantly, I will be continuing to press for the reversal of government tax cuts for the wealthy and their shameful decision to reduce the top rate of income tax to 45%.”

She added, “The coalition government must get the message that their policies – including on welfare and changes to benefits – aren’t working, are hurting, and are causing more worries for the future for individuals, families and communities.”

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