Brady proposes development of Daisy Hill Nursery project

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Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Newry Sinn Féin MLA Mickey Brady has said he is delighted at progress following a meeting convened in response to his proposal to regenerate Daisy Hill Nursery.

Speaking to Newry Times, Brady said, “We have a unique site on our doorstep which has historically been a plant nursery for 100 years. Daisy Hill Wood contains bluebell and primrose as well as many exotic species of tree such as the North American Locust Tree, bamboo, privet and cherries. As expected with such a varied flora the fauna which can be found in the area is of particular biodiversity interest, badgers, bats, foxes, hedgehogs and field mice as well as nesting birds such as robins, wrens and long-eared owls all call this area home.”

A number of Newry & Mourne councillors, including Sinn Féin’s Valerie Harte and Brendan Curran, and council officials also participated at this meeting which took place on Friday 18th May.

“This beautiful area”, Mr Brady continued, “has such potential as a community asset and it is a shame that it is being under utilised at present. For this reason I hope to drive this project on to ensure that all of our local school children and indeed the wider Newry community are aware of this natural jewel in our midst. Being from this area I spent many a day in the nursery growing up, so I have a particular interest in trying to secure the necessary funding which will be needed to return this huge area to a space that Newry school children and residents alike can enjoy for many years to come.”

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