Letters to the Editor: ‘Mail and legal documents posted from Maghaberry Prison disappears’

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: By Damian Herron

On Monday 2nd January 2012, Gerry McGeough posted a letter to the Irish News. The letter was intercepted by British Intelligence. It has disappeared. Why? Because it was a radical and sensitive letter about Scottish Independence and the disintegration of the British Kingdom with thoughts of a confederacy between an Independent Ireland and an Independent Scotland. Political thought in the occupied counties is being suppressed and censored by the British / Unionist Establishment working hand in hand. That is why Gerry is in prison. Politically he spoke out against the Establishment Parties.

However, on Friday 16th March 2012, legal documentation which is vital to his case was posted by Gerry from Maghaberry prison. This was also intercepted and has now disappeared. His solicitors have not received the documents.Legal documents are ‘Privileged Mail’ and should not be interfered with.

The fact that those operating on behalf of the British Government within the occupied counties of Ireland feel free and completely at ease intercepting legal mail without any fear of being held to account says everything about British injustice in Ireland. It takes the whole situation in which Gerry finds himself to a much higher level than the suppression of political thought by imprisonment. Gerry supports the peace process, but he wants a genuine peace.

Damian Herron
Free Gerry McGeough Campaign

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