Oil theft from Killean Chapel described as a ‘very low act’

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Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Packie McDonald has condemned thieves who stole in the region of 2000 litres of oil from the oil tank at Killean Chapel recently. Councillor McDonald said that there were no depths to which these thieves would not sink. Speaking to Newry Times he said, “This is a very low act to steal from the parish like this. People locally are of the opinion that these robbers might be from the local area as they seemed to have a good knowledge of the layout of the chapel grounds.”

McDonald continued, “This is unfortunately not the first incident of oil theft in the Killean area as a number of other properties were targeted over recent months as well. I can only urge people to secure their private property including oil tanks as much as possible. If thieves find obstacles at your property the chances are they will not try to steal from you.”

He added, “I also urge anyone with information about this particular crime to contact the PSNI or any Sinn Féin representative.”

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